Your road to

Healthy & Enriched Life

 is just a few clicks away!

Our team of expert doctors are here for your wellbeing.
With 24×7 assistance and no time zone restrictions.

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Medical Tourism | Online and Offline consultation | Counselling with a Life Coach | Super specialists Second Opinions | Chronic Disease management | Lifestyle adaptation programs | Wellness Retreats | Transformative wellness programs

Our path breaking

Holistic Wellbeing Programs

are tailor made with keeping you in the heart

Join us in our quest to provide you with holistic well-being. Through a dedicated team of expert doctors, nutritionists, life coaches, yoga, and meditation instructors.

Your road to

Healthy & Enriched Life

 is just a few clicks away!

Our team of expert doctors are here for your wellbeing.
With 24×7 assistance and no time zone restrictions.

Consult Online /Offline Chronic disease management Medical Tourism Lifestyle Adaptation Program Wellness Retreats Transformative Wellness Program Talk to Life Coach Super Specialist 2nd Opinions Expert Opinion Corporate Wellness

Get the care what you need

Your New Healthcare Journey, Redifned

Our vision at Wequre+ is to go a step further from the conventional consultation practices and build a bond between the patient and the experts. Apart from addressing your immediate health concerns we believe in guiding you to becoming independant in managing your holistic wellbeing. Just like trusted family doctors, we’re here for every aspect of your well-being. Be it, managing chronic illnesses, tackling stress, achieving your health goals, or simply maintaining your overall well-being. Our dedicated team of experts willhelp you master your own wellness journey.

Speaking up!

First step to your wellness journey is speaking up about the challenges you are facing. Be it mental or physical. Rather than just doing the superficial diagnosis and prescribing medicine. Our expert counsellor will analyse the root cause of the issue with a vision to completely eradicate it


We then would create a roadmap for you which would include various consultation sessions with our team of Life Coaches, Super Specialist doctors, Nutritionists, Yoga and Meditation Instructors.

Conditioning Sessions

On Third step of your journey we would conduct special sessions with you helping condition your mind and body


This is an interesting turn in your journey which comprises of Travel, Exercise, Yoga and Meditation.To help you heal from within

Adapting new ways

Our healing team would then provide you with necessary feedback and tweaks that you could make in your lifestyle, helping you embrace your short comings and uplift your lifestyle

Self Empowerment

On Stage Four you will have already mastered the art of inner healing with WelQure program. Along with medicinal healing we would also help you integrate different skills helping you unlock your inner self healing potential making you more independent

Celebrating Life

This will surely be an ongoing process. On Completion of WelQure program we assure to bring in much more dicipline,positivity, perspective. Be it any challenge we would guide you to of Celebrating Life just like Zorba The Buddha

Success story of our WelQure Program in Numbers

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24X7 facility

Bedside Nurse/Physio

Be comfortable while we take care of all your health needs

Bedside Diagnostics

Precision Healthcare at Your Doorstep


Rapid Response Care in Critical Moments

Medical Tourism

Global Care, Local Touch,
your Health Journey Awaits

Wellness Retreats

Rejuvenate Mind & Body - Escape, Relax, Revive

Transformative Tours

Your wellness
adventure begins

Unlock your path to healing

Explore Medical tourism in India with WelQure+

Embark on a Journey to Wellness with India’s Leading Medical Tourism Destination

Explore Our Comprehensive Healthcare Services and Vibrant Culture with WelQure+

Success Stories

How has our treatments helped people?
Dr. Dyaneshwar has treated me for various reasons in last 7 years of my travel to India. The approach has been prompt, with a good blend of medicine & Counselling. The approach on predictive diagnostics has worked remarkably in Prevention of lifestyle disorders. Wish him & WelQure+ to help more people & transform them.
Ms. Tina Linngard
United Kingdom
Speaking with and working with Dr. Dnyaneshwar Surushe over the past few weeks has tremendously helped me deal with and understand my lifestyle issues and thought patterns. This process has significantly improved my life and helped me work on and view my issues from a different lens.
Mr. Pashan Irani
During last couple of years, I tapped on to the opportunity of availing his personalized wellness / transformation sessions multiple times. He is an extremely well-informed, well-trained lifestyle and self-leadership transformation coach and all the conversations we both had turned out be so fruitful with great outcomes.
Sandip Kulkarni
Managing Director & CHRO,
Brinks India
Dr. Dyaneshwar has treated me and my family as if it was his own. The treatment certainly included some form of medicines, but more than that it was the empathy, counselling regarding lifestyle changes and understanding the root cause of the disturbance in the body. Today he is part of my family.
Surender Wadhwa
Operations Director,
Betts India, Albea

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