Gauri Garge
Gauri Garge

Gauri Garge

Degree: M.Com, PGDFM
Years of Experience: 11 Years
1:00 am

About Gauri Garge

Meet Gauri Garge, a dedicated and passionate dancer and Yoga trainer. With personal experience of Yoga’s miraculous impact, her mission is to raise awareness about the scientifically proven benefits of Yoga and Meditation. Motivated by the positive transformations in her students’ lifestyles, sleep quality, and mental well-being, she specializes in working with children through primary teacher training.

Gauri excels in instructing Yoga learners and practitioners, focusing on enhancing posture, breathing techniques, and overall lifestyle improvements. With a global reach, she has successfully guided over 200 students in basic and intermediate Yoga, contributing to their overall well-being. Join her on the journey of wellness and self-discovery, experiencing the profound impact of Yoga and Meditation for a balanced and fulfilling life.


Passionate Yoga Trainer and Dancer:
Specialization in Child Yoga
Global Impact
Expert Instruction
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