Team Members

Gauri Garge

Meet Gauri Garge, a dedicated and passionate dancer and Yoga trainer. With personal experience of Yoga’s miraculous impact, her mission is to raise awareness about the scientifically proven benefits of Yoga and Meditation. Motivated by the positive transformations in her students’ lifestyles, sleep quality, and mental well-being, she specializes in working with children through primary […]

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Vinod Chawla

Meet Vinod, an experienced Architect and Interior Designer based in Nashik, Maharashtra, India, with a passion for creating living spaces since 1998. Recognizing the impact of homes on family well-being, his designs seamlessly blend the environment and technology for a harmonious living experience. Moreover, he is a certified Mindset and Relationship Coach from the Jay

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Dr Harish Doshi

Meet Dr Harish Doshi, an enthusiastic Entrepreneur, Consultant Homoeopath, and Holistic Wellness and Public Health Professional based in California, USA. With a deep affinity for nature and a sharp analytical mind, he is dedicated to providing effective solutions for a healthier life. Serving as a Lifestyle Coach, he promotes balance and well-being in all aspects

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Dr. Dyaneshwar Surushe

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Surushe is a highly esteemed physician with a remarkable career spanning over two decades. His extensive experience and unwavering dedication have resulted in significant contributions to the field of medicine. Driven by a passion for healing, he has successfully treated and transformed numerous patients worldwide. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Dnyaneshwar

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Dr. Prabhu Prasad

Originally hailing from the scenic Malnad hills of South Karnataka, Dr. Prabhu Prasad is a distinguished medical professional. As a postdoctoral fellow at the esteemed Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore, he has honed his expertise in the field of pulmonary medicine. Dr. Prasad’s journey in healthcare includes a notable residency in pulmonary medicine and

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Dr. Suyogkumar Bhavare

Dr. Suyogkumar Bhavare is an experienced professional with a proven track record in non-profit organization management. With a diverse skill set encompassing business planning, operations management, coaching, event management, and team building, our consultant brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Dr. Bhavare’s impressive background includes graduation from esteemed executive education programs

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Dr. Shirish Ghan

Fully licensed medical practitioner in internal medicine, bringing comprehensive years of experience working in hospital and clinical settings. Also coming with a track record of working with minority and low income populations.

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