Vinod Chawla
Vinod Chawla

Vinod Chawla

Degree: B. Arch
Years of Experience: 10 Years
1:11 am
- 6:25 pm

About Vinod Chawla

Meet Vinod, an experienced Architect and Interior Designer based in Nashik, Maharashtra, India, with a passion for creating living spaces since 1998. Recognizing the impact of homes on family well-being, his designs seamlessly blend the environment and technology for a harmonious living experience. Moreover, he is a certified Mindset and Relationship Coach from the Jay Shetty certification school, USA.

Currently, as a dedicated core member of WelQure Plus, Vinod serves as a compassionate Life Coach, aiming to guide individuals towards inner peace, emotional freedom, and a balanced mindset. Discover Vinod’s holistic approach to design and coaching, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all.


Design and Architecture Expertise
Innovative Designs
Mindset and Relationship Coaching
Dedication to Well-Being
Holistic Approach
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